Although celebrants might seem modern, we’ve been officiating burials for thousands of years – in fact, a form of celebrant performed the ceremonial rites in ancient Egypt. And while we can’t promise a pyramid, we can help you create a bespoke funeral which is just as memorable and meaningful. A rocking send off? Why not!

Losing a loved one is very difficult, and it can seem an overwhelming task to try and represent the way they lived their life. As a celebrant, I will listen and help you through this difficult time and most importantly, help you create a funeral service that is as awesome as the life your loved one lived.

What to expect…

I will arrange an informal meeting with you which will either be face to face, or over a video call to discuss what you would like to include in the service, such as music choices, poems and tributes.

We will go through the logistics of the ceremony and then I’ll ask you to share the story of your loved one’s life. This can include anecdotes, things that made you smile, things that made them who they were, and special.

I want you to feel comfortable and that you will be giving them an appropriate send off, so whether they were fun loving, a thrill seeker or someone a bit more reserved and traditional, all your wishes will be honored.

Most celebrants span the bridge between a religious minister-led service and a humanist service. While I do not conduct religious ceremonies per se, if your loved one would have liked a hymn, prayer or element of spirituality, this can be added to your service.

Life Celebrations…

We usually conduct our ceremonies in a crematorium on the day of a cremation or burial, but if this is not your thing, you can opt for a ‘direct cremation’, which basically means the body is cremated without a service attached.

A direct cremation gives you the opportunity to have a customised a celebration of your loved one’s life. You can do this before or after the cremation has taken place, and we can create a service in a more fitting or personal location, for example, a beach or woodland, a garden or a special venue. With this kind of celebration of life, because the ‘legalities’ take place elsewhere, we are also able to have an (alcoholic, if you wish) toast, or play a short film (venue permitting) or short playlist of their favourite songs.

In a less formal setting, mourners may feel more comfortable sharing their special memories, or funny stories too, and we can create a circle of love to do this, if that is your wish.

Making it rock…

With a celebrant conducting your service, we can add personal touches to make it special – we don’t just have to ‘go through formalities’. Whether you opt for a service in a formal setting, or a life celebration before or after a direct cremation, we have plenty of ideas to personalise the service. For example, you can add a symbolic candle lighting at a given moment (venue-permitting where real flame is used), a petal scatter if the ceremony is held outside or help you organise a take-home, which could be in the form of seeds or a special cake or other memento that will give mourners the opportunity to think of their loved one in a more lasting way.