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Naming Ceremonies

Whether you have brought a new life into your world through birth or adoption, or are renaming yourself after finding a new beginning, a naming ceremony is an awesome way to mark this moment

Naming ceremonies can be performed symbolically, with guide parents, mentors and friends involved in the proceedings. If you are an adult celebrating a new name after a life-event such as gender realignment or divorce, we can even add a symbolic farewell to your old name and life as part of the ceremony. However you choose to make the moment yours is up to you.

Other ceremonies include:

  • Ceremonies for expectant mums – a beautiful way to mark the change in your life
  • Intention to marry / expressions of love – for those who may have had their special day postponed or for those who choose not to marry but still want to share their love with everyone – and let’s face it, why not?
  • Pet memorials and funerals

Speech Writing Service

Do you need to write a speech but don’t know where to start?

Perhaps you are a best man and haven’t got a clue? Or maybe a father of the bride with loads of ideas and emotion! You might even be called upon to read a tribute to someone…

There’s no need to panic – I can write your speech for you! This is especially for anyone who is getting sweaty palms at the thought of writing a speech for any occasion – funerals, weddings, etc! It’s a stand-alone service for those who don’t need me as a celebrant (if you have already booked me for your ceremony, don’t worry, your speeches for couples, the writing of vows, eulogies etc are all included in the package).

How it works:

We will have an informal chat where I’ll gather information about the subject you are making your speech on – you can even pretend to be one of the bands I interview, if you like! I’ll write your speech. You’ll receive a copy to proof read a- and then, if everything looks good, the final speech is sent to you. If you need a little boost – particularly if you’ve never made a speech before – I can also include a helpful fact sheet on making your speech free of charge.

What I can’t do is make the speech for you!

Get in touch if you require any more information on this, and any other service I offer.